Start Surveys For Money MyPoints Review : Is It Legitimate Website Or Just Faking It ?

MyPoints Review : Is It Legitimate Website Or Just Faking It ?

mypoints review
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Do you want to make some extra cash in your spare time? money Survey site might be a terrific way to make some extra cash, but if you go with MyPoints survey , you can win.

My Points Review 2021 : A Great Survey Site

mypoints reviewIn this MyPoints Review, you’ll learn more about one such choice.
There are numerous platforms available to sign up for if you want to make money online now.

To improve your passive income, you might try survey sites, cashback sites, mobile research platforms, and even microtasks sites.

We understand exactly what you’re thinking. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could do all of your money-making duties from one place?

Yes! MyPoints is the best location to cash in on your screentime and earn a consistent side income.

However, before you sign up, you must have a few questions on your mind.

  • Is MyPoints a secure platform?
  • Is MyPoints a rip-off?
  • Is it possible to make money with MyPoints?

Don’t worry; we’ve put up a MyPoints review to answer all of your questions so you can decide whether or not to take the plunge.

What exactly are MyPoints?

Before we get into our full evaluation of this beautiful site, here’s a little primer for newcomers.

This is a well-known survey site that offers consumers a variety of ways to make money.

It was founded in 1996 and is one of the first survey sites. Since then, it has paved the way for many popular platforms.

MyPoints has over 10 million subscribers at the moment. Throughout its 20-year history, the site has distributed millions of dollars in cash and gift cards.

According to the most recent data, the app has distributed over 300 million dollars to users in the United States and Canada.

It mostly conducts market research surveys for companies and merchants, as well as other activities such as playing games and watching films.

Their online awards can be redeemed for cash or gift cards from a variety of partner brands via PayPal.

From the outside, all of these factors make it appear legitimate, but is it the right platform for you? Find out by reading our MyPoints review.

MyPoints: How It Works

Is it possible to make money with MyPoints? Yes, you certainly can!

MyPoints is a legitimate website where you can sign up and make quick cash online.

There are no payments, and once you’ve completed your profile, you’ll have access to the entire list of chores and activities to accomplish.

All of your profits will be displayed as points on your personal dashboard.

You can exchange these points for hard cash rewards and gifts after you meet the minimum payment limit.

More than 1,900 retail establishments and brands are affiliated with the site.

It allows you to exchange your points for gift cards from one of these companies.

You can now use MyPoints to shop for your favourite brands and earn rewards on every purchase.

Aside from that, there are a number of additional components of MyPoints that you should be aware of before getting started.

Here’s a list of features along with their descriptions so you can quickly browse the site.

How to Create a MyPoints Account

The first step in starting your side hustle on MyPoints is to sign up for a free account.

You’ve never been to a rewards site before? Don’t worry, the registration process is completely painless.

The website is appealing and user-friendly, making it simple to navigate.

The site will ask for your email address, name, and birth date once you click the sign-up option.

Moreover, unlike other reward networks, MyPoints need your zip code.

Because you will receive bargains and offers based on your area.

After that, MyPoints will send you an email asking you to confirm your account.

All you have to do now is click the confirmation link in your inbox and start earning right away.

Payouts for MyPoints

As previously stated, each of MyPoints’ online assignments awards a certain number of points.

You can receive rapid rewards from the site in the form of cash, gift cards, or even travel miles once you have earned enough points.

Yes, MyPoints is one of the few sites that offers its users travel miles as a reward.

You can redeem these miles through your United Mileage Plus account based on the number of points you have.

You can have the money transmitted to you through PayPal or deducted from your Visa account if you prefer actual cash. want to make account with paypal go its official website.

Before you may withdraw the money from your account, it may take up to 3-5 days for the money to be processed.

The greatest approach to get MyPoints payments, according to us, is to exchange them for gift cards from popular eCommerce sites.

Amazon, Target, Old Navy, and Walmart are just a few of the many alternatives.

This means you can save a lot of money by using their gift cards to obtain discounts on your normal shopping.


The best part is that you won’t have to spend any money to earn MyPoints.

The platform merely asks for your time and rewards you when you do the assignments.

If you want to receive online cashback, you must first make a purchase from one of their partner brands through their website.

That isn’t to say that MyPoints doesn’t make any money.

It is compensated by its partner brands and the firms with whom it provides your survey information.

As a result, they split the commission with consumers like you. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Customer Service at MyPoints

Unfortunately, MyPoints does not offer any kind of live customer service.

Instead, there is a comprehensive FAQ page on the website that answers the majority of your questions.

While the page is beneficial, it isn’t the same as having someone reach out to you directly. They also don’t provide a phone number.

Nonetheless, you can contact them by filling out a web form on their website with your request.

How much money can you make?

If you’ve run other survey sites before, you’ll be familiar with the concept of redeemable points.

A particular number of points is usually worth a certain amount of money. On MyPoints, however, this is not the case.

The value of your rewards is determined by the method you use to redeem them.

Gift cards from two distinct brands, for example, may cost the same yet require a different number of redemption points.

You’ll never be able to calculate your exact earning potential on MyPoints this way.

To redeem a reward quickly, keep your eyes on it and find an activity that earns you the same amount.

How to Profit with MyPoints

This is an important aspect of our MyPoints evaluation. Obviously, if you’re seeking for a way to make extra money online, you’ll need to assess the earning ways to see if they’re suitable for you.

After you join up for MyPoints, there is no waiting period. You can immediately begin completing activities and earning money.

Furthermore, all of their money-making strategies are simple and quick to accomplish.

On the site, you’ll find a list of profitable possibilities.

Play Video Games

If you enjoy playing online games while earning money, MyPoints has a large selection of games for you to choose from.

While some websites charge you to play online games, this website will compensate you.

The number of points you earn depends on the game you play.

Some games even give out a lot of points, so instead of playing other games on your phone, you may play here and earn money.

View Videos

This is yet another way to make quick money using MyPoints. You can earn money by watching entertaining videos on the site.

Promotional films, advertisements, product evaluations, and endorsements are among the videos.

The best part is that you can view these movies on the fly and earn money in little increments.

Emails should be read

Who doesn’t despise the promotional emails that clog up our inboxes before being deleted?

MyPoints’ promotional emails, on the other hand, are highly profitable.

You can earn points by reading and even opening emails on the site.

To earn money, all you have to do is open the emails before transferring them to the trash folder.

Cashback Shopping

As previously said, MyPoints has a large number of stores from which to choose.

This means you may use the app to shop for something you already need and get great cashback and discounts.

However, instead of using MyPoints, you might be able to receive a better deal on some products if you contact the brand directly.

As a result, it’s a good idea to do some research before making a large purchase with MyPoint.

Look for solutions

Yes, instead of using Google to find answers to your questions, you can use the MyPoints Yahoo! search engine.

You’ll not only get quick search results, but you’ll also win points for utilising the search engine.

So the next time you have a burning question, just straight to the app and earn your way to the solution.

Take Surveys for Money

This is one of the platform’s most lucrative tasks. Multiple market research programmes are linked with MyPoints, and they offer surveys on their website.

You can gain points by participating in these surveys and expressing your thoughts and opinions, depending on the survey’s degree and difficulty.

The cost of a survey is also determined by how long it takes you to finish it.

A survey on the site can take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes to complete.

This implies that even if you only spend an hour on MyPoints, you can earn a lot of points.

Coupons for Savings and Referrals

You’ll receive your personal invite link when you sign up for MyPoints.

You can share this link with your friends and earn points if someone signs up using your link.

Aside from that, the network occasionally gives printable discount coupons that can be used at restaurants and retail outlets.

Keep a watch out for them on the coupons section of their website, as they tend to go out quickly.

MyPoints’ Advantages and Disadvantages

Now that we’ve almost completed our MyPoints review, you have access to all of the website’s details.

Nonetheless, no internet platform is perfect for producing consistent money.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of MyPoints’ advantages and disadvantages to provide you with an accurate picture.

Advantages of MyPoints

Let’s start with the bright side.
Various Options for Redeeming, You can use your points in any way you want on MyPoints. Cash, discounts, travel miles, and even gift cards are available.

Purchases that you make on a regular basis can be cheaper.

You can use their cashback option to save money on items you buy on a regular basis.

They have a large number of retail partners, therefore it’s feasible.

Disqualification Points

Nobody enjoys being excluded from a survey after almost half of it has been finished.

Even if you are screened out, MyPoints rewards you with points for taking surveys.

There are numerous ways to make money.

Unlike specific survey sites, MyPoints is a one-stop shop for a variety of simple money-making chores.

The majority of its money-making activities, such as viewing videos, playing games, and reading emails, do not necessitate any talent or knowledge.

App is available for download for free.

You can download the MyPoints app to your smartphone if you want to use it on the go.

You can spend your time in the elevator or stopped in traffic to accomplish their assignments and make money in this way.

MyPoints’ drawbacks

Now that you’re aware of all of MyPoints’ advantages, keep them in mind when you weigh the disadvantages in order to make the best option.

Points have no monetary value.

MyPoints has not established a standard point value. This means that a high-value gift card can be obtained for less points, whilst a low-value gift card can be costly.

You’ll never be able to figure out how much your profits are worth.

Survey Lists That Aren’t Organized

The survey options on most survey sites are organised by themes and genres.

This way, you may pick and choose which surveys you want to participate in.

MyPoints, on the other hand, does not provide the themes of their surveys, so you never know what you’ll be questioned about when you choose an option.

Rewards that are not received right away

MyPoints will process your gift cards within 24 hours if you redeem your points electronically.

However, if you want them mailed to you, it will take roughly 10-15 days for them to arrive.
In addition, cash payouts take 3-5 days to complete.

Daily Reward Limit

MyPoints cannot be earned without a limit. Because the platform has a daily reward cap, you can only take advantage of a few offers before hitting the cap.

You won’t gain any more points for your app activity once you’ve reached your maximum limit.

Last Words

Let’s wrap up our MyPoints review by attempting to answer the most frequently asked question: is MyPoints legit?

It would be incorrect to suggest that this is not a legitimate online rewards programme, according to us.

It’s been around for more than two decades and has distributed a substantial sum of money to its users during that time.

It also includes a variety of earning choices and secure payout ways from which you may choose based on your preferences.

It does, however, have several flaws that some individuals may find objectionable.

For example, the lack of consistency in their point value, disorganised survey lists, and daily rewards cap can be inconvenient for someone looking to make a consistent income online.

Finally, the best site for you is the one that suits your requirements, so thoroughly consider the features before drawing any judgments.

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