Start Surveys For Money Swagbucks Review : Is It Really Legitimate Website or Scammy?

Swagbucks Review : Is It Really Legitimate Website or Scammy?

swagbucks review
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Swagbucks Review : Many people wish to make money online. There are a few viable ways to make money online without creating a full-fledged business.

But don’t expect to be able to quit your day job. It takes a lot of time for very little money.

However, if you are willing to put in the effort, you can make some extra cash online.

If you are a students or a house wife or you have extra time and want to earn money from this digital world then doing Surveys for money is really good option to manage your pocket money and become a self dependent person.

Swagbucks is a website where you may earn money online. You can earn points toward a gift card or cash by participating in a variety of money-making activities.

Who Is Swagbucks and What Do They Do?

swagbucks reviewSwagbucks is a website that allow online survey jobs for students and a lot of people so that they can earn extra in their free time.

Swagbucks allows you to earn SB points, which can be exchanged for gift cards or cash, by participating in various online activities such as taking surveys, viewing videos, playing games, and searching.

Swagbucks, a subsidiary of Prodege, LLC, has been around since 2005.

MyPoints and ShopAtHome are two of Prodege’s other brands that you’re surely familiar with.

Swagbucks has paid out $343,681,259 in cash and free gift cards as of May 2019.

The headquarters of Swagbucks are in El Segundo, California.

Is it True That They Are Legitimate?

Swagbucks is a real company. Some believe they are a con, but these assertions appear to be mixed up with survey disqualifications and poor rewards, which will be discussed later.

On Trustpilot, Swagbucks has an 8.3 rating based on 12,909 reviews.

Despite the fact that Swagbucks is a Prodege brand, they do not have a BBB rating.

Prodege, on the other hand, has an A BBB grade. They have 551 customer complaints and a poor 5-star rating out of 5 based on 519 reviews.

How much money will I make?

Swagbucks will not make you wealthy or even provide you with enough money to live on. Consider it to be something more valuable than cash.

Most surveys take roughly 20 minutes to complete, so that gives you an idea of how much money you can earn.

You must, however, qualify for each survey. Depending on the site, filling out a form only to be disqualified can take a few minutes, reducing the number of surveys you can do in an hour.

Expect to make a bit less than a $1 per hour on average.

This amounts to a few dollars at the end of the month. It is undoubtedly possible for the ambitious and those with a lot of time to consistently earn in the double digits.

Swagbucks offers other ways to earn in addition to the ones listed above. There are a variety of ways to acquire SB points:

  • Shopping with Cashback
  • Video Clips to Watch
  • Offers that are unique (Swagbucks Discover)
  • Coupons for Groceries can be printed.

Don’t worry if you’re not near a computer; you can still utilise Swagbucks via their mobile app.

Pull out the smartphone app and earn some money while you’re waiting in line or just have some spare time.

Depending on the activity, you’ll need to set aside approximately 20 minutes.

When it comes to surveys, the ones that pay the most and require the least amount of time are the ones you seek for.

Swagbucks allows you to categorise surveys, making it simple to get the greatest deal.

Video tip: You can kill two birds with one stone by viewing a video.

In the background, watch the video while searching or conducting a survey in the foreground.

You can gain points in two methods at the same time this manner.

How Swagbucks actually works?

To get started, go to and sign up for a free account. Just for signing up, you’ll get a $5 incentive.

As a side note, don’t join up for a website like Swagbucks that asks for your financial information.

You should not be required to input your credit card information. They are, after all, paying you.

It doesn’t work the other way around. Swagbucks does not require your credit card information.

As previously said, there are numerous ways to get money on Swagbucks.

Surveys are widely used, yet it’s simple to become bored with them.

Another common approach to gain points is to go shopping.

Swagbucks points are referred to as SB points. SB points can be exchanged for gift cards from prominent retailers including Amazon, Target, and iTunes.

You can also choose to get the same amount in your PayPal account.

You may earn money by searching on Swagbucks. Install the Swagbucks button as a browser extension first.

Simply installing the button could get you SB points. Each day you utilise the button, you’ll earn one SB point.

If SB points are available for the site you’re searching for, the Swagbucks button will show up.

You might as well collect SB points if you’re going to spend money at a specific retailer. The Swagbucks button comes into play here.

Who can earn money from swagbucks

Students in college and high school, as well as those with free time, are ideal Swagbucks prospects.

It’s ideal for making money while doing something else, such as watching TV.

To earn simply a few dollars in a month, you’ll require a significant quantity of time.

If you earn less than a dollar per hour and spend three hours a week on Swagbucks, you’ll be working for about 12 hours per month and earning roughly $10.

Any bonuses or unique offers can help you make more money.

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